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What to Wear to your Session

A very common question we hear is "What should we wear for the session?"

The most important tip is BE COMFORTABLE! If you purchase something new to wear for the session, try it on or even wear it for awhile to make sure you are comfortable with your choice. Nothing too loose or too tight. The session may take an hour or more with different poses that may be up and down so be comfortable!

Here are some other tips:

~ Cover your skin with long pants, long sleeves, etc. When you look at a portrait, your eye is naturally drawn to exposed skin and contrasting light. Eliminate those distractions by covering arms and legs so that the focus is on your face.

~ Avoid patterns, logos, writing, pictures, lines, dots, contrasting trim and bright shiny fabrics, which will also create a distraction in the image. But, interesting textures are fine.

~ Tastes are specific and change over time. You will still enjoy your portraits for years to come if you avoid dating yourself with trendy apparel.

~ Children can often be the exception to clothing guidelines and they should wear bright(er) clothing if the purpose of the image calls for something light and fun. But, the same rules from above apply for kids in group pictures. Always avoid shirts with pictures, writing, logos, branding, etc.

~ For women, we suggest you stay away from T-shirts and golf shirts. Collared dress shirts and button downs almost always look better and for women, V-neck or mock turtlenecks are great but collars work best as well. A shallow V-neck will have a slimming effect whereas a wide-open collar will have the opposite effect. Bare shoulders, plunging necklines and exposed arms are all things that distract from your face.

~ If the portrait will include your feet, wear something dark and plain. Avoid white socks and trendy bright colored running shoes or they will become a focal point in the image and will also date it.

~ Other than wedding rings, do not wear jewelry without a clear purpose. Ask yourself if it will help the image or clash with your apparel choices. Remember jewelry can date your portrait as well and conservative choices such as small earring studs are timeless. When in doubt, don’t wear it.

~ Hair and Makeup: similar rules as clothing; keep it clean and simple. Makeup should be neutral and too much eye makeup can draw attention away from the eyes to the makeup itself. If you plan on getting a haircut, try and do it a week before the session.

FINAL TIP - Don't stress too much about your clothing. It's all about your smiles anyway!!

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What to wear for a photography session

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