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ClouStudio LLC specialize in creating meaningful designs for individual and brands for small businesses all over Ohio through graphic design and print design. Our design team has many years of experience in the design field and enjoys making their designs customized to fit each and every individual and small business.

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Business Photography

Images Impact the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

“One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

People prefer pictures and we have the ability to communicate so much more through visuals than we can through any amount of text. We are a visual society, and images tell stories.  We can see emotion, we can see context as the image draws us in.  And, people retain visual information better than text.  

Clients engage 44% more with brands who regularly use images rather than text-based advertising and images are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to get the attention of your current and prospective Clients.

We can help you meet your marketing needs with Images and Design for your Websites, Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures, Banners, NewspapersIndividual

Head Shots $25* PER INDIVIDUAL.

Purchasing your Prints and Images w/Print Release:

(1) Online ordering system includes prints in a wide range of sizes and finishes and digital download for individual images at $40* per image.

(2) Entire Gallery Digital Download, excluding composite designs, available through the studio for $100*

For Five or more and Group Images, please contact us for a quote.

Business Imagery, Client Location $75* Per Hour.

Prorated in 15 Minute Increments, Includes Travel TimeMinimum $40*

Imagery Design $75* Per Hour.

Prorated in 15 Minute Increments, Includes Travel Time, Minimum $40*

Contact us for Digital Download Image and Gallery Pricing

* Plus Sales Tax

Corporate Head Shots

Wapakoneta OH.


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